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Tribe Call 3 – Breathwork, Fasting, and Defining Your Tribe

Welcome to our third weekly tribe call. In this abbreviated version of our usual hour-long session, we’ll be highlighting the key takeaways for you. One prominent topic that we revisit, and our members have found immensely powerful, is the walking meditation available on this channel. There are two versions, both equally effective. This meditation begins with you standing, eyes closed, engaging in a brief visualization practice for about four or five minutes. Afterward, you transition into a walking meditation accompanied by uplifting music and the use of suggestible language. During this meditation, you anchor a specific emotion and associate it with your future vision, effectively walking toward your desired goals. It lasts about 25 minutes.

We strongly recommend trying this meditation with others if possible. While it’s also beneficial when done alone, the collective energy and inspiration that come from practicing with others can be a transformative experience. If this resonates with you, consider committing to a week of daily walking meditation, especially if you have a clear goal in mind. This practice can be a powerful tool in aligning yourself with your envisioned future.

In this call, Robert shares a touching anecdote from his recent SOMA Breath level one training experience, where he gained the qualifications to lead certain SOMA Breath sessions. The story illustrates the remarkable impact these techniques can have on individuals.


We’re excited to share our plans for the upcoming workshop in Nashville. It’s going to be an extraordinary event filled with high-energy breathwork, visualization exercises, cold therapy, and will culminate in an ecstatic dance party. It’s an event you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re in Nashville.


We also looked into the topic of fasting, covering both intermittent fasting and long-term fasting. Fasting is a potent tool for enhancing your physical and mental performance. It’s a way of challenging your body to adapt to a different stress response, which can lead to various benefits, including increased alertness, enhanced focus, improved metabolism, and increased resilience.

Intermittent fasting, which involves extending the period without eating, can be a manageable approach. You can gradually increase the duration over time. Remember to prepare for your fast by eating clean to make the process smoother.

To experience the full range of fasting benefits, including autophagy (where your body’s cells eliminate damaged ones) and the release of human growth hormone, you may need to explore longer fasts. However, remember to take it slow and build your fasting duration gradually.

Lastly, consider tracking your fasting journey, either in a journal or through fasting apps, to monitor your progress and better understand your body’s responses.

When you break your fast, ease into it with nourishing foods like bone broth, especially after a more extended fast. This gradual reintroduction of food can help your body readjust to eating.

We hope you found this distilled version of our tribe call insightful. Have a fantastic week, and we look forward to seeing you next time.


For more information about our third Tribe Call,  watch our video, “Tribe Call 3 – Breathwork, Fasting, and Defining Your Tribe” 


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