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Our Vision

We want to be a part of a program that helps others wake up to their potential. The 8 Decisions has the power to change the minds of those that have the most influence on our society; the driven, the leaders, the visionaries, the investors. If we can broaden the perspectives of influential individuals, we can illuminate a fresh paradigm of thought.

Many of the decisions made by those at the top, are made because of a narrow awareness of whats possible and too strong a connecton to ‘tribe or societal thinking’. 

When someone chooses to first optmise their energy levels, they have more brain capacity and power for creative thinking.

Subsequently, as that individual resolves to break free from the grips of mind and body addictions, they liberate additional time and energy. Their mind gradually reconnects, harnessing the processing capabilities reminiscent of their childhood days.

And lets say that after this, with a mind and body now coursing with electrical and excitable energy, that they decide to learn how to uncouple from the mind. To learn how to separate themselves from the mechanism that governs their thoughts. When the mind is then running free from fear based thinking, what ideas could then flourish?

Similarly, this same human could then choose to spend more time in the present and the ‘deep now’. Imagine a time when the past is forgotten and the future no longer holds us in its power.  An effortless presence in which we can suddenly learn at accelerated rates and perform optimally.

What then could be possible for this human? What possibilities could exist before them? will they then understand their purpose?, or at the very least choose to set out on a path to discover what their purpose could be.

When we are free from societal thinking, when we are free from the obtrusive thoughts that hinder our growth, it is often then that we choose to be in service to others. 

What could this mean for our society if those already with the power and influence to affect real change, choose to live and lead consciously? Remembering that not everyone need lead from the front, a leader can still lead by their actions, by living a life of virtue and by a connection to their inner wisdom. Our children for example, dont learn from what we tell them, but by what we do.

We want to live fully, we want to live consciously and commit to living by our 8 decisions.