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Tribe Call 7- Hacking Your Morning Routine & The Big Event Gets Bigger

The recent 8 Decision’s 7th Tribe Call  delved into the importance of interpersonal bonding through the art of sharing personal narratives and fostering a sense of love and connection. Additionally, the discussion highlighted the potential effects of specific foods and probiotics in elevating oxytocin levels, a hormone linked to affection and bonding. The discourse primarily centered around the ‘eight decisions’ framework, outlining a strategic pathway towards enhancing various aspects of life.

The Eight Decisions—ranging from optimizing energy to living beyond the mind, being present, assisting others in reaching their potential, understanding personal purpose, and assuming leadership roles—were the core focus. Emphasizing camaraderie and communal involvement, the session stressed the value of engaging friends in collective activities such as walking meditations and cold plunges, intended to fortify accountability and energy levels in one’s journey toward self-actualization.

They shared many ways to make mornings happier and more productive by suggesting different things to do. Some tips included letting thoughts come and go without worrying, getting into a good mood, doing breathing exercises, being in the cold and light, and not having too much caffeine early on.

The narrative took a more practical turn with a story shared by one of our founders, Robert,  illustrating how a CEO battling depression found substantial relief through changes in their morning routine. This anecdote vividly underscored the influential impact a well-optimized morning routine can wield over one’s mental health and well-being.

In sum, the call brought to light the power of personal anecdotes in fostering connections, the potential role of probiotics in elevating oxytocin levels, and the transformative influence of the ‘eight decisions’ framework. It emphasized the importance of communal engagement in activities and the immense potential for positive change through morning routine optimizations, echoing the overarching theme of self-improvement and connection within a supportive community.

Also, we’ve got an exciting event coming up on December 16th, the Decision Envision 24. This all-day event will help you understand the Eight Decisions through workshops, breath work, exercises, and storytelling. It’s a transformational experience where you can make important decisions about your life, plan for change, and become part of a like-minded tribe. Stay tuned for an Eventbrite invite and further details.

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