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Boost Your Mental and Physical Energy with the Eight Decisions

If you’ve been following the Evolution of Dave YouTube channel, you know that I’ve been exploring ways to optimize mental and physical energy for several years now. One of my trusted allies in this quest has been cold therapy – there’s nothing quite like a blast of icy cold to give you an energy surge and a lasting dopamine boost. But what I’ve come to realize is that for those of us who are seekers, those who question their purpose and seek self-discovery, cleaning the channels of energy is a vital step on our journey. We’re talking about optimizing not only physical and mental energy but also spiritual energy.

For now, let’s focus on the methods that can help you create a clean, clear energy that empowers you to explore, especially during spiritual awakenings or explorations. Clarity of thought and shedding the mental clutter are crucial. Step one on this energy-optimizing journey is to clean those channels of energy through a variety of practices. While I’ve been on this path for a while, there’s still much to explore and discover. I know I can generate more inner and mental energy, particularly through breathwork.

So, what are the practices we’ll incorporate into the Eight Decisions community? Here’s a sneak peek: breathwork, movement, flow state practice, and various psychological techniques, including positive psychology. A lot of these methods focus on calming the mind and breaking free from those negative thought loops that tend to plague us.

Flow state practice, for example, involves transient hyperfrontality – slowing down the part of the brain that keeps us locked in those negative loops. This paves the way for a creative, inspirational mindset, which is crucial for self-inquiry and exploration.

When we think about going on a retreat or any period of exploration, it’s essential to prepare the mind and body beforehand. Attending a retreat isn’t about carrying the baggage of everyday stress and anxiety. At any retreat organized by us, participants will have done the necessary work to get their minds and bodies ready for deep exploration.

It’s important to remember that the Eight Decisions aren’t about reaching some lofty, distant goal. They’re about finding fulfillment in the present and the moments beyond the present. It’s about being genuinely happy with who you are and the life you’ve created while remaining conscious of how you can serve others.

Each person’s journey is unique, and there’s no one-size-fits-all outcome. What we’re all seeking is meaning, purpose, fulfillment, and a life with few regrets. If this program intrigues you, sign up using the link below and join our community. Stay tuned for more exciting news to come!


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