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Chilling Out at Urban Sweat Studio: The Power of Cold Therapy

You’ve probably heard about the benefits of cold therapy, but have you ever considered taking the plunge? I recently found myself at the Urban Sweat Studio in Nashville, and let me tell you, their Cold Plunge is an invigorating experience.

The Cold Plunge at Urban Sweat Studio is set at a crisp 39 degrees Fahrenheit (3.8 degrees Celsius), with a gentle flow of water coming from the jets to enhance the feeling. It’s not your typical dip in the pool, but it’s worth every shiver.

Cold therapy is a fantastic way to kickstart your day. 

It might even beat that morning cup of coffee when it comes to waking up. Plus, it’s well-known for its inflammation-reducing properties. This chilly experience is part of the thermoreceptive aspect of the Eight Decisions protocol.

As someone on a journey to optimize my energy, I’ve found that the Cold Plunge offers a unique opportunity for self-reflection. 

It’s not about competition or trying to endure it for the longest time possible. Instead, focus on your inner wisdom and your thoughts. This is more of a mental challenge than a physical one.

If you happen to be in Nashville, I wholeheartedly recommend giving Urban Sweat Studio a visit. And if you’re interested in the Eight Decisions and being part of this new community for the driven, sign up at website. It’s a step toward a more energized and focused you!


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