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Intention Is The Key

Discovering the ideal path to enhanced health and well-being in today’s world offers a plethora of options, ranging from Breath-Work to Yoga, each offering its unique benefits. As someone deeply invested in this journey, I, David Florence, have spent the past seven years exploring various methods and practices to elevate both my physical and mental health. This expedition is documented on the YouTube channels: ‘Evolution of Dave‘ and more recently ‘8 Decisions‘.

In our modern era, we are privileged with unparalleled access to information and resources, enabling us to embark on a quest for wellness with ease. However, this abundance also poses a challenge – amidst this sea of choices, how do you discern the most suitable path? Not everyone has the luxury of time to experiment with numerous practices to find the perfect fit.

Here lies a fundamental truth: the specific avenue or practice you choose is less critical than how you leverage the knowledge gained to your advantage, both psychologically and physiologically. The keyword here is ‘intent.’

Suppose you opt for Yoga as your chosen health-enhancing regimen. Fantastic, good for you! Yoga, with its diverse forms, offers a remarkable means to maintain mental and physical equilibrium, fostering longevity and vitality if practiced consistently and correctly.

Yet, committing solely to one technique without room for exploration, adaptation, or spontaneity might prove insufficient in sustaining optimal health, particularly if it fosters psychological rigidity or obsession….. Yes, you entrepreneurs are familiar with that word obsession, aren’t you? Therefore consider the fact that the mind and body thrive on challenge and variety, benefitting from the disruption of routine to prevent stagnation.

As the eminent psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi astutely noted, the ability to transform adversity into an enjoyable challenge is among the most valuable virtues we can cultivate for a fulfilling life.

Finding ‘Flow’ in life requires both practice and intention – a conscious decision to navigate each day with mindful movement, breathing, interaction, and emotional awareness. Engaging our senses fully throughout the day, from the physicality of movement to the stimulation of our body’s natural chemistry, reconnects us with the essence of existence, transcending the artificial comforts of this modern existence.

While practices like Yoga, Breath-Work, Meditation, or running offer undeniable benefits, pinning all hopes on a singular solution is unrealistic. By embracing exploration, play, and experimentation, we can discover a harmonious balance, shielding ourselves from the pervasive stresses of contemporary life.

Creating a structured daily routine encompassing a variety of health-enhancing practices may seem daunting, especially with limited free time and a lack of clarity on which practices yield the greatest benefits.


Let me assist you in this endeavor, many practices can achieve the desired results in short bursts. A one-minute movement practice would be enough, when cro-barred between your next zoom call for, example.

A chance moment of mindfulness when choosing to do the washing up, over placing your dishes in the dishwasher, would be time well spent, if you focussed on the senses, the breath and deliberately slowed the activity down.

I have created an existence in which my daily routine incorporates a variety of deliberate practices that move blood and oxygen around the system, that encourage a flow of positive neuro chemicals, that incorporate mindful and conscious connection with other humans and I know therefore, I have benefited in by enhancing my focus, energy, and overall well-being, and you can too.

Stick with us, follow us, join our programs and retreats and we can promise a life of flow, an existence of lightness and ease.

An existence, therefore, that aligns with our true purpose.


David Florence – 8 Decisions Co-Founder

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