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How to Discharge Negative Energy When Feeling Triggered

Feeling triggered? Don’t worry, and definitely don’t berate yourself for it. We all experience triggers, no matter how much personal work we do. Understanding that feeling triggered is a normal response can help you manage it more effectively.

Triggers are often rooted in our past experiences, usually from childhood, but they can also develop later in life. Think of these triggers as programs or templates that have been ingrained in us over time.

Now, let’s reframe the way you think about yourself. Imagine that you are an electromagnetic being. In fact, you are! Your body is about 70% water, and you have electromagnetic properties. When you feel triggered, it’s like you’ve been charged with negative energy.

Here’s a simple technique to help you manage this negative energy: grounding.

When you feel triggered, visualize yourself as an electromagnetic being who can discharge negative energy simply by touching the earth. Imagine that the earth is soaking up all that negativity. The earth can handle it—after all, it absorbs a lot of energy already.

So, next time you feel triggered, find a moment to connect with the earth. Visualize the negative energy flowing out of you and into the ground. This simple act of imagination can help you feel a significant benefit, even if you don’t fully believe it at first. The act of visualizing the energy discharge can make the triggering feelings dissipate more quickly.

Try it out next time you’re feeling overwhelmed. Remember, it’s a natural process, and with a little practice, you might find it makes a big difference.

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