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Tribe Call 5 – Vulnerable Stories & Hacking Your Happiness Chemicals

Welcome to our fifth Tribe Call update! We had a lot to share in this call, so we’ll keep it simple.

Morning Breath Work on YouTube

We started with a refreshing breath exercise called Kapil Bhati. It’s perfect for your morning routine, helping you detox and wake up. You can find a seven-and-a-half-minute video “Morning Breath Work”  with clear instructions and timestamps on our YouTube channel. More videos like this are on the way, so stay tuned. If you’re in Nashville, we have a new walking meditation planned for you.

Embracing Vulnerability and Growth

Our call wasn’t just about breathing exercises. We also discussed personal stories, including a health issue I’m facing. This is what the Tribe Cause is all about – being open and accountable. It’s a community for those who want more from life, going beyond material success.

Happiness Chemicals and Cold Therapy

In our Tribe Learning segment, we talked about happiness chemicals and how to boost them. You’ve got your own inner pharmacy of happiness, and we shared tips on how to activate it. Plus, we had a conversation about cold therapy and how to handle the cold like a champ.

Making Tough Decisions

Now, let’s talk about a personal challenge. For months, I’ve been dealing with health issues, including high blood glucose and kidney problems. It seems I’m pre-diabetic, but I’m not afraid. I know there’s a solution once I identify the root cause.

Turning Pain into Wisdom

Last week, while doing a unique push-up, I injured my gut. The pain was excruciating, but instead of reaching for pain medication, I decided to endure it and gain wisdom. I chose to fast for three days, thinking it would help my body heal.

Shifting Perspective

What I’ve learned is that when life throws challenges at you, it’s an opportunity to grow. Pain is in the mind, and how we view it makes a difference. I decided to see my pain as a challenge rather than a problem. It’s all about changing your mindset.

Taking Control of Your Health

I’m exploring alternative ways to address my health issues rather than relying solely on medication. I believe in natural solutions and changing my lifestyle. We’re not here just to survive; we’re here to thrive, and that requires a different mindset.

Choosing to Be a Warrior

Life is full of challenges. You can decide to be a victim or a warrior. I choose to be a warrior, tackling this challenge head-on. Stay tuned for more updates on my journey in the coming days and weeks.


This call talks about the power of changing your perspective, embracing challenges as opportunities, and making proactive decisions to take control of your life, especially when facing health issues. If you have any more questions or need insights on this topic or anything else, feel free to ask. 


For more information about our  fifth Tribe Call,  watch our video, “8 Decisions Tribe Call 5 – Vulnerable Stories & Hacking Your Happiness Chemicals” 

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