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Transform Your Mindset: 7-Day Program for Entrepreneurs

About Us

The 8 Decisions is the culmination of a shared desire for personal growth, purpose, and genuine fulfillment. We, Robert and David, have embarked on our own journeys of self-inquiry, recognizing the need for something more profound in our lives.

Why Join Transform Your Mindset?


Struggling with fear of failure?


Feeling like an imposter despite your achievements?


Overwhelmed by stress and burnout?


Finding it hard to stay motivated?


Lacking a clear vision for your business?

“As a result of what I’ve learned here, I’ve decided to step into a role that I truly value”

Join Us and Transform Your Mindset:

  • Break free from self-limiting beliefs.
  • Harness the power of daily energy practices.
  • Create a lasting, positive change in your entrepreneurial journey.

Transform Your Mind and Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Potential Today!

Sign up today to begin your transformation and take the first step towards a more empowered and successful you. Don’t let your mind hold you back—transform it, and watch your entrepreneurial and leadership dreams come to life!

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